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Family law matters involving the end of a marriage, disputes over custody or child support, or allegations of abuse and neglect are deeply emotional. At Legal Supporters you’ll work with a qualified Jersey City family lawyer who understands what you’re going through and will fight to protect your best interests.


A Legal Advisor is essentially a lawyer who provides legal counsel to a large corporation or organization. They might be referred to as “in-house lawyers,” “in-house counsel” or “corporate counsel.” A Legal Advisor typically specializes in a specific area of law. They could be involved in labor or contract disputes, compensation issues, 


Are you struggling with family/relationship issues? Do you need help to resolve conflicts within the family? Family counselling is a free, low-threshold service available at LEGAL SUPPORTERS, families and individuals.Anyone can contact a family counselling office. The offices provide therapy, advice and counselling when problems, 


Caring for the elderly qualifies as one of the most elemental roles a society must be held accountable for. While most developed countries have legislation and schemes in place to ensure that no senior citizens are deprived of their rights, a large part of the population of countries such as ours remain unaware of them owing to low literacy rates. 


The absence of nomination or will, the heirs to a piece of no property or financial assets are required to prove their claims to them. In such cases, depending on the asset, an heir might be asked to produce either the succession certificate or the letter of administration. For movable property like the provident fund, bank deposits, shares, loans, 


In india Court Marriage in India By solemnizing the court marriage procedure, you can give your marriage the legal validity. It is a simple and economical procedure. Upon completion, the participants are given a marriage certificate signed by the Marriage Registrar of the concerned jurisdiction. What is Court Marriage?

Experience When it Matters Most

Getting the best result for your case means having a team of attorneys with experience in the local courts in india. It means having a team with proven results and the detailed knowledge to construct the strongest arguments on your behalf,  need to protect your best interests in a family or marital dispute, or need to convince a jury that you’re innocent of a crime.

Our attorneys at Legal Supporters have decades of combined experience practicing in Nagpur Maharashtra and neighboring communities. We know the law and we know the courts. Our team includes a former prosecutor who can provide an advantageous perspective on your criminal or Legal Advisior.

Your Connection to Your Case

 we’re committed to providing you not only with quality legal representation, but also with excellent, individualized service. You don’t have to navigate the complicated — and sometimes mystifying — legal process alone. We’re here to be your connection to the legal system and to advocate for you from the moment you call us until your case is resolved.


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We understand that many people may be reluctant to contact a lawyer because they’re worried they won’t be able to afford the fees. They may be tempted to try to handle their legal matter themselves, but that’s often a recipe for a less-than-desirable outcome.  we want you to have access to the quality representation — and justice — you deserve.

That’s why Legal supporters offers a free consultation about your case so that you can tell your story, learn your options, and discover how we can help. We also offer affordable fees for your family law or criminal case, and charge no fees for your personal injury case unless you obtain compensation for your losses.


We are dedicated to maintaining a strong bond and deep roots to our communities in Nagpur.


Our collective years of experience and skill enable a high level of award winning service.


Legal Supporters are available day or night so you don’t have to wait for help.