the absence of nomination or will, the heirs to a piece of no property or financial assets are required to prove their claims to them. In such cases, depending on the asset, an heir might be asked to produce either the succession certificate or the letter of administration.

For movable property like the provident fund, bank deposits, shares, loans, or other securities, the succession certificate is required. For immovable property like land or jewellery, one has to produce the letter of administration in support of his or her claim

Similarly, in case the amount involved is huge or the financial institution has a doubt if the claimant is genuine, it might ask the claimant to produce the succession certificate.
In some cases, the bank or the financial institution might ask for the legal heirship certificate, which is easier to obtain than the succession certificate. The difference is that the legal heirship certificate is issued to identify the living heirs of the deceased whereas the succession certificate is issued to establish the authenticity of the heirs and give them the authority to inherit the assets,
For succession certificate and legal heirship certificate


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