Are you struggling with family/relationship issues? Do you need help to resolve conflicts within the family? Family counselling is a free, low-threshold service available at LEGAL SUPPORTERS, families and individuals.

Anyone can contact a family counselling office. The offices provide therapy, advice and counselling when problems, conflicts and crises arise in the family.

Family counselling is a service available to anyone struggling to cope with family or relationship issues. The service is open to individuals, couples and families. Couples with young children and teenagers are given priority.

Many people contact the family counselling service for advice about day-to-day problems, conflicts or crises in the family.

Family counselling offices are staffed by psychologists, social workers and other specialists in family therapy. Family counselling offices provide couples and family therapy, as well as individual counselling sessions. 


Experience When it Matters Most

Getting the best result for your case means having a team of attorneys with experience in the local courts in india. It means having a team with proven results and the detailed knowledge to construct the strongest arguments on your behalf,  need to protect your best interests in a family or marital dispute, or need to convince a jury that you’re innocent of a crime.

Our attorneys at Legal Supporters have decades of combined experience practicing in Nagpur Maharashtra and neighboring communities. We know the law and we know the courts. Our team includes a former prosecutor who can provide an advantageous perspective on your criminal or Legal Advisior.


We are dedicated to maintaining a strong bond and deep roots to our communities in Nagpur.


Our collective years of experience and skill enable a high level of award winning service.


Legal Supporters are available day or night so you don’t have to wait for help.